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Residue Free Writing Journal

 Here is a writing journal that you can use to organize your thoughts, journal your prayers, expressing your gratitude, planning out your goals, writing out your dreams, writing bible study notes, expressing your thoughts and emotions , or even creating a to-do list. No matter what reason you use the journal for, you will definitely grow from it.

21-Day Residue Free Journal

Healing from Rejection


This printable is geared to help women to use their faith and clear the residue from their life to become residue free. The journal guides you to work on your mindset along with being all God has called you to be in this next chapter in your life.

Lioness Queen Mug

Show off you Lioness Queen mug letting yourself and the world know you are full of courage, resiliency, and faith.

What our customers are saying

I love my 21-Day Residue Free Journal. It was just what I needed during a time when my husband left me and the kids and I didn't know how I was stuck looking back which funneled my anger and bitterness. Thank you Rev Dr Marisha Lioness Queen for helping me walk through always thinking about how God thinks of me first.

Melissa C.